Foods That Should be Avoided When Going to a Yoga Class

Foods That Should be Avoided When Going to a Yoga Class

When you attend a yoga class, your teacher will basically tell you about the foods that you should avoid before you go to your class. This is important since it can make your contorting, twisting and inverting uncomfortable. There are also some movements that can affect the function of your digestive system. You should avoid foods that are high in proteins and fats that take too long to digest when you are planning to go to a yoga class.

Foods That Should Not Be Eaten Before Your Yoga Class

Here are some foods that you should avoid when going to a yoga class. We will also present better alternatives in case you need some ideas as to what are more healthy foods.

Seeds and Nuts

It is true that seeds and nuts are highly nutritious and they contain minerals that nourish our body. Unfortunately, they are also a rich source of protein and fats that will sit for an extended period in our stomach. Instead of ingesting seeds or nuts, choose something that will pass through our digestive system much faster such as raspberries and papaya.

Fried Food

We are all aware of how long it takes to digest fried foods such as onion rings and French fries. It will basically take hours before you feel hungry again. Foods that will sit for a longer period in our digestive tract will provide discomfort when we are practicing yoga poses. By choosing jicama and sliced cucumber over the fried foods you can successfully eliminate that discomfort.


Cheese (even the type that vegans eat) has high protein and fat content making them difficult to digest. We want to feel relaxed and light when we are practicing yoga, so it is best to avoid this food type. You may choose a dark chocolate (preferably the chocolate with 65% cocoa or more) that will provide you with the energy to support you on your yoga routine.

Fish and Meat

Healthy fish and meats will also take time to digest in our stomach since they are a high source of protein. This will make you feel heavy when you are practicing your yoga poses. Your movements will also feel sluggish. To temporarily replace your source of protein, you may choose a slice of apple or rice crackers that digest much easier.


This fruit is known as a super food due to their rich content of nutrients and minerals that our body need to function optimally. However, avocado has an increased amount of fats which takes a considerably longer time to digest. If you are looking for alternatives, eat some steamed vegetables instead. You may also want to eat celery sticks or grapefruit.

Finally, you should also temporarily remove sauces, dips, and dressings into your diet before you go to your yoga class. They may seem healthy and harmless, but they contain fats and oils. They may be delicious, but they will be stored longer in our stomach. Opt for something fresh such as organic sugar fruits to satisfy your cravings and hunger.

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